I dont think ill ever get over you.
And i mean like I do want to, but at the same time I dont??¿ Youre so important to me and i do not think that will ever change but its better for me if it did.
You make me better which is the best thing I could ever ask for in a friend but WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE YOU
No relationship ever has challenged me but made me this happy at the same time. I really dont know how I feel about it. We’re the best thing I could ask ever ask for right now. Sometimes I wonder if this is what love is, and then i think how terrifying that is and that I’m just a teenager with dumb feelings.

This year will honestly be fantastic because I’m going to make it so. Last year of high school, last year of piano, its time to finish this final year with a lot of self pride and accomplishments.
Even though this year hasn’t even started, it feels like an ending already. I can’t wait for a new beginning at university and seeing where my life is going to go. It scares some people but excites the hell out of me. It’s time to do things for me.

I don’t care how angry you are, there is no reason EVER to call your kid a fucking dick and a fucking asshole. You do not earn your child’s respect from that, you make them feel ashamed and embarassed that you showed that side of yourself in front of a guest. In no way is anyone that, much less your own son. I was terrified and speechless.